Reliance International

In addition to Reliance’s reputation of supporting the local community, it has also initiated an worldwide division, known as “Reliance International,” which has provided $30 million in medical supplies, assistance, and training to various countries outside of the United States.

Reliance International’s mission is to help strengthen the central administration of targeted countries in order to provide effective leadership in healthcare formulation, program management, program monitoring and program evaluation.

Additionally, Reliance International’s overall primary objective is to reduce the health risk to the subject population, while at the same time, build the basis for a sustainable and equitable health system.

Reliance International’s services:

  1. Providing Medical Supplies & Equipment
  2. Acting as Healthcare Consultants
  3. Planning and Developing Healthcare Facilities
  4. Acting as Financial Consultants
  5. Providing Educational & Training Expertise
  6. Assisting in Program Development
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